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  Name:    Boštjan
  Surname: Štupica
    Vinice 24
    1317 Sodrazica
    Slovenija (SI) - Europe
Born: June 1 1973
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  Mob.: +386 (O)41 9S9-88A (private)
  EMail: bostjan [at/
  Skype: bostjan.stupica
  LinkedIn: bostjanstupica
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CV - Curriculum Vitae:

Bostjan Stupica

My first contact with computer was in 6. grade in primary school, when I got personal/home computer Commodore 64. On this box I learned some basics, for instance: BASIC, assembler, the concepts of software development, ..

Then I got one of the first type of PC AT computer (it still working, running Linux). Because I still wanted to know more, I learned computer language COBOL. I (co)developed in COBOL some financial applications in nearby firm on VAX computer. At the same time I was in high school, where they were teaching us computer language PASCAL. This was quite good (back)ground for my following studies and research.

Employment record and Experience:

2013(03) - in pressent __ SETCCE - (on LinkedIn)
Senior developer, architect and consultant:

  • development (DB schema, DB logic, bussiness logic, UI) on Java platform + various databases support;
  • analyse, planning and modeling of architecture for various systems + integratin to 3'th party systems;
  • project management: for SETCCE ePero product implementation;
  • technical consultant;

2011(04) - 2013(02) __ GembaLab
DBA administrator and developer:

  • administration and design of many DBMS systems (Oracle);
  • development (bussiness logic) on Oracle (in PL/SQL) and also on Java platform;
  • analyse, planning and modeling of architecture for various systems + integratin to 3'th party systems;

2011(01) - 2011(03) __
Learning and working on various technical fields. As developer "by soul" I started to know the iOS platform and building applications for iPhone and iPad devices.



Bostjan Stupica

2008(05) - 2010(12) __ Simt d.o.o.
Working on various technical areas:

  • Autonomy IDOL "search engine" platform + Audio/Video analytics and capture/storing/archieveing + Video surveillance system;
  • IBM WebSphere and WebSphere_Portal application development (Java + J2EE);
  • DBMS Administration (Oracle, IBM DB2) + various problem solving;
  • Log/Data-Retention system(-s); SIEM systems including LogManagment and implementations of this technology to achieve .. with worldwide accepted standards (PCI-DSS, ..);

2005(11) - 2008(05) __ RAIS d.o.o.
Working as a developer and administrator of various systems: Linux, Windows, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Apache, Firewall systems.

2000(01) - 2005(10) __ Bankart d.o.o.
Working on (computer) Tandem (S-Series; HP Nonstop Himalaya) with (authorization) system BASE24. Primary responsible for "source code" maintenance and various customer modification(s) (CSM) on the BASE24 system.

  • The Projects I was involved (either as a lead or member):
  • BASE24 migration from version 5.1 to version 6.0;
  • BASE24 source code integration into versioning system (CVS);
  • Maintenance of various CSM (Customer Specific Modification) on BASE24 system (on SPDH device handler, on Auth ATM&POS module, on ATM N50/i473x device handler);
  • Base of Account balances (BSE): this was/is internal application doing something similar like BASE24 Refresh + Impacting + much more; the application was written completely in C/C++ on Tandem system;
  • THOR: this is application for monitoring the complete ATM network; it replaces the obsolete Enguard ATM Monitoring product;
  • BICI: this is application that enables online communication or integration of BASE24 system with any other system for better transaction quality (like CMS (Card Management System), online Banks account system, ..); BICI application connects to BASE24 over BICISO (ISO-8583) interface;
  • BASE24-TSS installation (version 3.x and 4.x);
  • EMV: well, chip card's obviously are the future;
  • + other minor projects;

1997(02) - 1999(12) __ Ixtlan Consulting d.o.o. (now: Ixtlan Team)
.. where I was planing/developing various information system (design -> architect -> build). I was also developing (logical/physical) database models. Beside my development work I also administered different SQL databases: ORACLE Server, MS SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server.

1994(09) - 1997(01) __ PRONEKO d.o.o.
.. I developed business application for company accounting and an application for art galleries. In that time I completed some of the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) exams (MS Windows 3.11, MS Windows 95 and MS Networking). I have also run some classes for developers, where I was teaching C, C++ and COBOL.




  • #1. 1979 - 1987 Elementary school
  • #2. 1987 - 1991 High school
  • #n. 1991 - present .. still learning;


  (born)   Elementary school  High school  More School  Army     First Employment
           8 years            4 years      2 years      0.5 year ..
  1973     1979               1987         1991         1993     1994
  |--------+------------------+------------+------------+--------+---------- ..

Bostjan Stupica

Skills or My Knowledge base:

- very good:
... Development: C, Java, Oracle PL/SQL programing,
... Development: Shell (Bash, Csh), Python;
... Administration: Oracle DBMS,
... Administration: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, Linux,
... Administration: TCP/IP networkig (v4)
... Administration + Development: with MySQL DBMS system,
... Development: Borland Paradox Engine Database (interface),
                 Database Engine (BDE interface),
... work with Systematic approach and accuracy;
- good:
... Development: J2EE, Portal(-s), C++, Objective-C, ..
... Development: Powerbuilder, PASCAL, COBOL, TAL,
... Development: HTML, XML/XLS, Asseambler (6502 = Commodore 64/128, 8086 = Intel x86),
... Administration: IBM DB2, IBM WebSphere/WebSphere_Portal, Liferay Portal,
... Administration: of UNIX and xBSD, Mac OS X,
... Administration: HP NonStop Himalaya = Tandem OS (Operating system) Guardian,
... Administration: TCP/IP networkig (v6)
... Development: Borland OWL (Windows library),
... Development: experienced with lots of tools and models of work,
- not an expert, but I handle .. quite well:
... Development: BASIC, PHP, ETL, ..
... Administration: Sybase DBMS Adaptive Server, MS SQL Server,
... SNA networking, X.25 networking,
... Principels and working of application servers (JBoss, WebSphere, ..);
- I know this (exists :-) ):
... Development: Perl,
... Administration: basics of VMS
... .. and more;

Skils ..
  • SlovenianSlovenian
active active daily
  • EnglishEnglish
active active almoust daily
  • GermanGerman
passive passive occasionally
  • CroatianCroatian-Serbian
active active occasionally

System administration experiance

Yes, I know this part too .. will update later or ask me for details;

In general I have quite a lot of experiance with OS administration, mostly Linux systems, and database administration.

As networking is "a must" I have done also network administration from physical infrastructure to the complete FireWall/Swith setup.

Development experiance

Development in C/C++/Objective-C Skil - C

1. My first project was Windows application for accounting. This was native Windows App. written in C and C++, using "plain old Win32 API". 2. Then there was a number of C/C++ projects in Bankart d.o.o. company.
Just to name few:
  • Base of Account balances (BSE) - application that holded bank_account balances for various banks (in Slovenia);
  • THOR system - the ATM monitoring system;
  • BICI (sub-standard ISO8583) - this is application that enables online communication or integration of BASE24 system with any other system for better transaction quality (like CMS (Card Management System), online Banks account system, ..);

3. Next C/C++ project came in Simt d.o.o. company.
Mainly on 2 areas:
  • digital voice/speach to text recognition (with Autonomy SW);
  • number of security projects for logretention and logmanagment;

4. Then I've done some Objective-C work on iOS platform.
In Apple AppStore .. you can check the "Dilligent" application.

Development in Java Skil - Java

Done so many Java projects that I need to think twice, what is actually worth to mention here .. :-)

1. Product for Audio capturing and Audio content managemnt system based on Portal (JSR-236) technology.
For this product I have been in part project management role and part in architect + development role.
2. Reporting and integration module for gaming system.
These Modules were mixture of Java and Python. But the main logic for data signing and TimeStamping was developed in Java.

.. will update;